Your key contacts

If you are planning to set up at  Bioparc, please get in touch with:

Bordeaux Unitec

Bordeaux Unitec Technopole is the main point of contact for any project related to the Bioparc. It also offers customised support for innovative start-ups.
Bordeaux Unitec liaises permanently with BGI.

Contact: Sandrine Maillet

Bordeaux Gironde Investissement

Bordeaux Gironde Investissement is the point of contact for national and international investors wishing to develop their business in the Bordeaux region. In close collaboration with its partners and the local authorities, BGI supports businesses in their projects to set up in the area and helps them bring these projects to fruition.

Contact: Cécile Balcon

Bordeaux Gironde Investissement

The Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Urban Community) is the main authority governing the Bordeaux agglomeration. It has steered, funded and developed Bioparc with the aim of making it the main regional site for businesses working in the healthcare industry. It will also provide support in developing and setting up your business.

Contact: Florent Visage


Working closely with these structures is a whole network of partners helping develop the regional industry and offering their support to innovative companies.


Région Aquitaine

The Aquitaine Region supports industrial enterprises as part of its economic development objective and is striving to make innovation and internationalisation the two drivers of regional competitiveness. With this in mind, it offers financing schemes intended to boost the competitiveness of companies and encourages partnerships between research laboratories and companies (technology transfer).

Contact: Olivier Dossat

Aquitaine développement innovation

ADI assists innovative business projects and works alongside its regional partners. It supports innovation in the region’s flagship sectors, including bioindustry and medical technologies.

Contact: Valérie Lascaux