The innovation cluster

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Biogalien is one of France’s premier innovation clusters

The objective is to foster innovation by encouraging partnerships and alliances between the companies present at Biogalien, and potentially between companies and research organisations.

Biogalien innovation cluster

R&D and innovation projects are brought to fruition thanks to the pooling of facilities and exchanges of knowledge and skills.


Working and growing under the best possible conditions:
The service offering is supported and developed by the Biogalien Association, whose members are resident businesses and whose missions include:

  • providing a link between cluster members in their RDI activities,
  • fostering RDI in the cluster’s sector-specific themes,
  • defining and managing the cluster’s pooled service provisions,
  • managing the cluster’s promotional and advertising operations.

The Biogalien Association delegates supervision and roll-out of these missions to the Bordeaux Unitec Technopole.

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