Resident companies

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Lagarrigue Aquitaine SAS

Date founded: 1994

Headcount; 45



LAGARRIGUE SAS 50-56 chemin de Baluffet, 31200 TOULOUSE

The group has 21 offices in France, for a total of  300 employees.


Bioparc, Building C, 27 allées Charles Darwin, 33600 Pessac – France

Tel: +33 (0)5 56 47 60 07



Activity:  LAGARRIGUE is specialised in the design, manufacture and adaptation of bespoke orthopaedic equipment for disabled people.

Our missions: Advise patients, lessen the impact of their temporary or permanent disability in line with the medical prescription, and comply with the standards and pricing requirements of social security organisations.

This constantly-growing company stands at the cutting edge of manufacturing and application technology. Its strategy is to train skilled, motivated, hardworking staff.

LDR medical

Date founded: 2000

Headcount: 130



LDR Médical SAS

Hôtel de Bureaux 1, 4 rue Gustave Eiffel, 10430 Rosières Près Troyes – France

“Innovation” offices:

Bioparc, Building C, 27 allées Charles Darwin, 33600 Pessac – France

Tel: +33 (0)3 25 82 32 63



Activity: French company specialised in the design and marketing of spinal implants  – implants for spine surgery .

The implantable spinal devices and associated instrumentation designed by LDR contribute to the well-being of  patients whilst helping achieve the objectives of spine operations: safe, simple surgery.

Worldwide commercial presence: Present in almost 30 countries – Own entities in France / USA /Germany / Brazil / China / Korea /Spain. LDR offers very high-quality products and a customised service to surgeons all over the world, either through its own entities or its network of exclusive distributors.


Date founded: Joint-stock company founded on 1st January 2011

Headcount: 4



Institut Bergonié
229 cours de l’Argonne, 33076 Bordeaux Cedex – France


27 allée Charles Darwin, 33600 Pessac – France

Tel: 05 35 54 19 36




Activity: MATWIN is a national platform providing support for project maturation. Its aim is to consolidate preclinical proof-of-concept prior to transfer to industry.

This public-private alliance was formed with ten industrial partners and the French  cancer research clusters with the aim of detecting and qualifying academic research into oncology which has reached the patent filing phase.

The objective is to consolidate proof-of-concept and the preclinical maturity of projects before transfer to industry. The projects identified are then submitted for a dual academic and industrial assessment. Project leaders also benefit from training sessions to help them boost the industrial appeal of their projects by clearly qualifying investor risk.

Project leaders are then interviewed by the  MATWIN International Board: this is the only body of its kind in Europe, made up of representatives from MATWIN’s industrial partners and academic opinion leaders.

Once projects have been ‘recommended’ by the International Board, they are submitted for funding for the maturation phase, first to the industrial stakeholders involved in the programme, then to external investors.


Date founded: 1992

Headcount: 10

Address: Bioparc, Building C, 27 allée Charles Darwin, 33600 Pessac – France

Tel: +33 (0)5 56 32 29 63




TEM: Designer and Manufacturer of turnkey solutions for the animal world

TEM (Technique et Equipement Médical) has been the acknowledged specialist in gas anaesthesia for animals for the last 20 years.

More than 1000 anaesthetic workstations around the world – Designed to protect the safety of animals and users.

TEM is a specialist in gas control and use in anaesthesia: Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, toxic gases.

Machinery combining precision and productivity for laboratory performance. TEM offers modular, adapted solutions. Products for all species, from horse to mouse.

Delivery, installation, training on site.

Technical expertise available by phone, Technical Support on the ground.

SEGA: Distributor of  diagnosis, exploration and monitoring equipment

Since 1974 SEGA has carefully selected and marketed diagnosis, exploration and monitoring equipment.

Diagnosis equipment for cystic fibrosis, cardiology, oximetry, vascular and obstetrical diseases.

Permanetly evolving solutions allowing clients to keep up with technological and regulatory changes.

Equipment with tried and tested precision and reliability for many years.

A team offering an immediate response to the requirements of clients.